Bees4Schools Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


This grant if successful is from The British Bee Charity (hereinafter refered to as the “Charity”).

Application to this initiative is only for schools and education institutions within the UK (hereinafter refered to as the “Applicant”).

This grant if successful is for, but not restricted to the following items;

  • A full National Bee Hive with Brood Box, 2 x Supers, OM floor, Queen Excluder, Crown Board and Gabled Roof
  • National Bee Hive Stand with Landing Board
  • Colony of Honeybees
  • Frames and Foundation
  • 10 x Children Bee Suits
  • 2 x Adult Bee Suits
  • 3 x Hive Tools
  • 1 x Bee Smoker

The Charity reserves the right to substitute or reduce the items listed in the grant to the Applicant.

The Applicant gives their irrevocable undertaking that should any of the granted items, including bees be no longer required by the Applicant they will be offered back freely to the Charity in the first instance.

The bees and their welfare together with the equipment granted by the Charity are the full responsibility of the Applicant.

The Applicant agrees that they will have a responsible qualified/experienced beekeeper in attendance when tending to or maintaining the hive.

Applications will be considered within 28 days and if successful notified by email. Please remember that beekeeping and the removal and moving of bees is limited by the time of year.