Join our New Beekeeper Training 2024

Beekeeper free taster sessions

Have you ever thought about becoming a beekeeper? Why not join us on one of our training courses and experience the excitement of handling bees.

Our new beekeepers course for 2024 will start on Wednesday 28th February at 7.30pm in Old Woking, Surrey, these will last approximately 90 minutes. This will be a theory based introduction into beekeeping and what to expect when we venture into the apiary with the bees in the Spring. It will be followed by 2 further evening meetings on the 13th and 27th March, where we will cover beekeeping equipment and suit fitting.

Then beginning in April (weather permitting) we will start our weekly lessons in the apiary. You will be split into small groups together with a qualified beekeeper and will immediately begin handling bees. Our aim over the next few months is to take you through a season of beekeeping, giving you the opportunity to experience how a hive functions and works, the life cycle of worker bees and queens, how we collect and harvest honey, from hive to jar.

Cost As we are a charity we do not charge for this training, the only charge we make is for membership to the charity £30 per year for adults and £15 for students/children, this includes all your required insurances such as liability and bee disease insurance. An additional training charge is also payable of £60 for us to cover the cost of the training facility rental. As trainers we give our time freely and would expect a reasonably high level of commitment to the course from you. You will also be required to buy a bee suit which we will supply and fit during your theory training, the cost per suit is £50.

There are very limited places available on this course and we would encourage you to book early. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

To join just click below, or email if you have further questions.